BRUTUS. How it works.

Thanks to Facebook and Shazam, BRUTUS is able to connect your smart phone directly to your laptop and keep synchronized your iTunes library with the latest songs played on Shazam and tagged during the day!

Turn on your Mac, listen your new music!

BRUTUS. It's free.

BRUTUS App is totally free, exclusively for your Mac.

It's free because it simply helps the user to maintain order among the new songs discovered everyday, an ideal way to listen songs in temporary mode before buy them directly from iTunes.

At the same time we are working on new upgrades to make it better and faster.
Give us your support to do it better!

BRUTUS. Manage you songs.

  • Delete tracks not interesting from the BRUTUS list.

  • Select the best track from the options created by BRUTUS.
    Each tag will be ready to download in several versions, choose your favorite one.
  • Change title and artist during download process to create a playlist on iTunesordered and clear.

  • Enjoy your new songs on iTunes.

BRUTUS. Your dynamic playlist.

Keep updated your playlist with the songs you heard during the day.
It's simple, just connect your laptop to network and BRUTUS works for you!

You will find the new songs tagged by Shazam on iTunes playlist created by BRUTUS.