Research Preliminary Findings founder James Stewart is attending the #SRNT16 annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois to demo the Research Platform. has spent the past two years intensely focused on research and user experience design to develop a framework for delivering the worlds best smoking cessation application (app). Currently there are few apps available that are based on best practice smoking cessation methods,… Read more → Collaborative Researcher Joep van Agteren wins $25,000 $THRF50 Grant has teamed up with the brilliant research scientist Joseph van Agteren to develop the psychological behaviour change framework for the app. He has also applied for and made it to the final 6 for the The Hospital Research Foundations’ 50th Anniversary Grant! If he wins he will receive $25,000 to help with further developing the app and writing the research paper… Read more →

Half a Day With a $3.5 Billion Dollar Software Company

  We are very excited to announce that Co-founder James Stewart will be going to Abu Dhabi next week to attend the World Conference on Tobacco or Health. The conference theme is Tobacco and Non-communicable Diseases. Tobacco use now causes one in six of all NCD deaths and up to half of current tobacco users will eventually die of a tobacco-related… Read more → on ABC News

Well it sure is a big wide world out there! Samson and I have just spent two weeks traveling America after placing second in the New Venture Institute Autumn Venture Dorm Program which won us a trip there. Along with the other Venture Dorm winners we met with entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators and innovative companies in San Francisco, Austin, Philadelphia and… Read more →